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Cant upload to apple?

Player_EPlayer_E Posts: 604Member, PRO
edited November -1 in Miscellaneous
There was a little discussion going on in another thread, but it seems to have died out.

I was trying to upload my app last night and noticed that it never asked me for the actual file for my app.

Currently my app has the little yellow bubble next to it saying "waiting for upload"
I have searched all over iTunes connect and cannot seem to find out anything on submitting the actual app file. It seems there has been an update to iTunes connect since my last game, so idk if they just changed it up on me, or if it is currently not available to upload apps

some insight would be awesome.

I took a screen shot so you guys could see what I see.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usBy tristargames at 2010-11-15


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