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2nd or 3rd Gen test device?

SnowSnow Posts: 124Member
edited November -1 in Miscellaneous
I still hadn't gotten around to getting a test device. Tomorrow, I'll be getting one and I'm wondering actually. Which is best to test with: 2nd or 3rd generation? I'd imagine that there are more 3rd gen ipods/iphones out there than 2nd gens. I'm just thinking, if I make my game to run on 3rd gen and higher, am I cutting out everyone who has 2nd gen? I'd like to make sure that any game I make can run on at least 90% of devices out there.

If I test with a 2nd gen, I can ensure that I optimize my games so they run smoothly on all devices. I also know people who have 3rd and 4th gen iphones who could test as well.

Cons: One of my games that I'm passionate about seeing on the iPhone/iPod may be memory/cpu intensive and may only be able to run on newer devices.

If I test with 3rd gen, I'll have a better device that will run my game more smoothly if it happens to be pushing the limits. However as said, I have no idea how it would run on older devices and don't know anyone with an older device.

ALSO, since the next version of GS is supposed to have some bugfixes and run faster, would that also be more of a reason to test on an older device?




  • UtopianGamesUtopianGames Posts: 5,687Member
    I have a 2nd gen ipod touch and an old 3g to test on.

    My theory is if i can get 45 fps (for my bigger games) from the ipod im happy.

    If your game runs well on an older device you will be fine.

  • SnowSnow Posts: 124Member
    Thanks Darren,

    I will indeed be picking up the 2nd Gen ipod since it's a lot similar to the iPhone 3g devices in terms of performance. This is according to information that I read at cocos2diphone forums. Some devs were actually saying that going with 1st device was best, then if it works on the first, it should work just fine on all of the others.
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