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GameSalad Were Getting Impatient

SethsAppsSethsApps Posts: 328Member, PRO
edited November -1 in Miscellaneous
So far all Ive heard is neutral and negative comments about users who have tried the new 0.9 version (excluding the better loading times) and the download is late and every GS user is already ticked off that the update has taken this long in the first place.

You may be able to fool some people all of the time or everyone some of the time but you will never fool everyone all of the time.

Im going to put into words the feelings of most GS users:

WE WANT OUR MONEYS WORTH! I get an email on tons of new features and such from Corona every single month (and sometimes more) and it really ticks me off that GameSalad tries to limit the amount of contact with their customers to pretty much nothing.

If this update doesn't come out soon and features aren't announced for when 1.0 comes out GameSalad will have one less customer and probably a lot more walking out the door behind me. I don't care how good you make your company sound I really feel cut off completely from the officials at GS.

Just warning you now...

- SurgeApps


  • PhoticsPhotics Posts: 4,172Member
    I'm too tired to be angry right now... maybe tomorrow. I think they still have like 2 1/2 hours to meet their "36 hours" window.
  • SethsAppsSethsApps Posts: 328Member, PRO
    Oh okay, Ill be counting down the seconds :D
  • dotsonj23dotsonj23 Posts: 316Member
    Corona is not a GUI. When a new feature comes out for the iphone/ipad all they have to do code a few simple lines and they can offer the feature since Apple provides all the underlying code. It is different for GS. They have to code a graphical user interface to make it work in their system. This takes time to do, a lot more time than for non-gui engines. If you like the gui, you have no other choice.
  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Posts: 8,188Member
    "Gamesalad were getting impatient"

    With their impatient userbase perhaps?


    Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home...

  • jonmulcahyjonmulcahy Posts: 10,384Member, Sous Chef, PRO
    it's threads / posts like these that make them not want to share anything. be patient. when its ready it will come out.
  • ktfrightktfright Posts: 964Member
    jonmulcahy said:
    it's threads / posts like these that make them not want to share anything. be patient. when its ready it will come out.

  • SethsAppsSethsApps Posts: 328Member, PRO
    Ive been patient for the past 2 months that its been since 0.8.9 came out. I have not known any other product (that Ive used) to be stuck in beta for almost 2 years...
  • JGary321JGary321 Posts: 1,246Member
    I don't know any other program that lets you make iPhone games with ZERO programming either.

    Just sayin.
  • CodeCodeCodeCode Posts: 200Member
    This threath is just useless and it doesn't help at all.
    Maybe they are letting us wait to much time, but you are really exaggerating.
    By the way SurgeApps this thread reminds me to one suspicious thread you did were you tried to sell us an very useless app were we had the chance to win and iPad, and it pretty much looked like a scam.

    Sorry for my bad English^^
  • dmcdowelldmcdowell Posts: 128Member
    SurgeApps said:
    Ive been patient for the past 2 months that its been since 0.8.9 came out. I have not known any other product (that Ive used) to be stuck in beta for almost 2 years...

    Perhaps you've heard of Gmail?
  • SethsAppsSethsApps Posts: 328Member, PRO
    Perhaps you realize that gmail doesnt cost 100 dollars/year either :)
  • CodeCodeCodeCode Posts: 200Member
    dmcdowell said:
    Perhaps you've heard of Gmail?

    Haha thats a good one, you make my day^^
  • outsidethebyteoutsidethebyte Posts: 115Member
    dmcdowell said:
    Perhaps you've heard of Gmail?

    Very true. And I love Gmail and use it on a daily basis. That comment really cooled me down actually. Sometimes creating a great product takes time.

    Time is money, but lets be patient. It's coming...
  • CodeCodeCodeCode Posts: 200Member
    SurgeApps did you ignore my message?^^
  • outsidethebyteoutsidethebyte Posts: 115Member
    SurgeApps said:
    Perhaps you realize that gmail doesnt cost 100 dollars/year either :)

    Perhaps you realize that Gmail makes you no money back.

    EDIT: Gmail has no money making potential.
  • SethsAppsSethsApps Posts: 328Member, PRO
    I didn't see how it coupled at all with the thread I started, so I didn't acknowledge it.
  • JGary321JGary321 Posts: 1,246Member
    SurgeApps said:
    Perhaps you realize that gmail doesnt cost 100 dollars/year either :)

    So you're saying you did not know that GS was in beta when you voluntarily paid the $100/yr??

    As I recall they never gave a timetable on updates, so I don't see why you're upset. The very reason they don't give us timetable's is because of situations like this. People are impatient.
  • SethsAppsSethsApps Posts: 328Member, PRO
    @pilot GameSalad guarantees no money either.
  • SingleSparqSingleSparq Posts: 1,339Member

    Member since November 2009 :D
    Twitter: @SingleSparq Web:

  • SethsAppsSethsApps Posts: 328Member, PRO
    God* ^^
  • outsidethebyteoutsidethebyte Posts: 115Member

  • StormtrixStormtrix Posts: 256Member
    Seriously don't think this thread is any help either.. Yes we have paid $99 for a year of a subscription to a beta product that has memory leaks, frustrates me with crashes and weird things but all in all - i've been happy with GS.

    I like to think of it this way -- GS has given me a drive to learn how to make games and make enjoyable and fun games for all ages.. I've been playing games since the commodore vic-20 days.. Without GS i probably wouldn't have been able to easily make my Toddler Fun app and Blind Man's Bluff app. GS has even inspired my 12yr old to learn the game making progress, educating him on the business of apps and apple, as well as giving me tons of ideas for game apps.

    When i found GS, Corona and Unity - GS was an obvious choice mainly because of the price - unity and corona were just out of my price range at the time and the learning curve was very steep.. with GS i can 'actually' make a game and get it to market in a fairly short time and see some rewards from my work.. GS is simple, GUI friendly and effective for what it provides in today's release if you demand more for your $99 then i'd suggest the $350 Corona or $450 Unity with a steeper learning curve and way more options.

    Also, others don't seem to have a problem creating a fun and exciting game like tshirt's games that have made well over $15k and now FMG's Grizzly Manor game with over $50k.

    if you know and understand the boundries and limitations that GS has today i'm sure many more good games can be made and when .90 or 1.0 comes out even better.

    But dude, seriously $99 for 1 year isn't bad for the opportunity to make $1000's
    hmmm what else could you get for $99

    5 year subscription to Mac|Life Magazine
    1 date with someone special - lite dinner, movie and popcorn and hug :)
    99 songs to listen to while reading the GS website with no GS subscription
    99 cheap bottles of beer on the wall to knock over wishing you were developing.
    1 Keurig Mini Brewer Coffee maker -- aww highly recommend Keurig's
    1 night out at a bar alone to drown your sorrow's in a beta program instead of developing in one

    anyone else? :)
  • PortymanPortyman Posts: 409Member, PRO
    Honestly, let's all stop giving gs so much sheeeeeeeit. Releasing a product like this takes time to perfect, Just like creating our apps. I would rather them take a few extra days and eliminate some bugs (and headaches for us users) than to rush it out on an artificial timetable.

    Yoda is one with the force.. And we shouldn't mess with the force....

    honestly, $99 for this Is a great price.

    There I have said my peace.....

    Odoyles rule!!!!!!!
  • RickyRicky Posts: 58Member
    Still, even if they aren't releasing it now, don't you think they should have just shut down the website like they said they would? I think it would have been a smart move, so that they could say that they were actually doing some changes.
  • outsidethebyteoutsidethebyte Posts: 115Member
    tshirtbooth said:
    Also yes you did pay 100 bucks. But you got what you paid for , they do not have to do any updates if they dont want.

    Its not like there sitting around an office eating popcorn and watching the forums. There working and working hard. They had done all that work for GS direct and now they have to scrap it all and do new work. This takes time.

    Lets all give them a break

  • SethsAppsSethsApps Posts: 328Member, PRO
  • hdeandahdeanda Posts: 55Member, PRO
    Before messing with GameSalad I actually tried to make apps with xcode. Just trying to make a simple app is not easy at all. I bought big expensive c+ and xcode books for making apps and games. Almost immediately you have to ask yourself over and over "why does this code have to be done like this?! This is weird!". I learned something about developers or programmers or whatever they want to call themselves, 99.99% don't really want to make programming "easier"!!! They want programming to stay the way it is, useful for themselves but like alien cryptography to everyone else. Why? So they can earn the big bucks at their silicon valley jobs or where ever. Job security. What these people at GameSalad are doing is amazing and I am glad that they are working on stability, etc. The only thing I didn't like was the revenue share which thankfully is no longer mandatory . Give them a chance to make their mark and survive and prosper.
  • ipwnuipwnu Posts: 19Member
    they're = they are

    their => possessors of something

    there => a place
  • dotsonj23dotsonj23 Posts: 316Member
    dmcdowell said:
    Perhaps you've heard of Gmail?

    Can't stop laughing. This made my night.
  • peachpellenpeachpellen Posts: 977Member
    We're all anxious for the update, but come on.

    We've all been through a lot lately with the whole GameSalad Direct thing; but as, in the end, GS decided to do the right thing we really need to cut them a little bit of slack.
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