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Mecha Slayer (game in progress)

DetheDethe Posts: 172Member
Hey all,

I am working on 2 great games (1.IPhone, iTouch and IPad game 2.Board game) called 'Mecha Slayer' Where you play someone stuck in a mechanical world full of mecha's then you find the Mecha Slayer and he takes you on as an apprentice. You have to do quests and other things like that for him to earn metal scraps, batteries, engines etc. and with those you make your own weapons, Armour, pets, vehicles etc.

So here's my story. I was sitting at my computer and I had an Idea of a robot in my head but I simply could not make it in my graphics program. I tried everything I could to make that robot but I did not succeed. That's why I came here today to ask you to Please post some robot parts (Body, arm, head etc.) so that you will spark my Imagination.

NOTE: If you help me spark my imagination like this then I will put you big in the credits and I will probably link to your games in the description of my game



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