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How to buy itune gift card or gift apps to other country?

raggragg Posts: 65Member
edited November -1 in Miscellaneous
How can i buy itune gift card or gift apps for ppl who is in different country with me? like im in singapore and i wanna buy itune gift card and gift apps to my friend in USA...


  • MotherHooseMotherHoose Posts: 2,456Member
    if you can not do this from iTunes, you can check the Apple Store Online... and search gift cards... (think they have separate sites for individual countries but you can gift them internationally) ... or call Apple Store.

    this is a nice gift! ;}

  • raggragg Posts: 65Member
    thanks for the reply...because as far as i know...i cant purchase anything from US store using my account from foreign country..
  • MotherHooseMotherHoose Posts: 2,456Member
    no... but does your country have a store? you might call?
  • raggragg Posts: 65Member
    ya...i can purchase the card from appestore...thanks
  • MagoNicolasMagoNicolas Posts: 2,090Member, PRO
    I have done this! Very Easy!
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