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This week has been a crazy week for the world; and now, in my opinion, World War 3 may be starting, or already has started.


India Deploys 36,000 Troops To Chinese Boarder:

India test fires a NUCLEAR capable ballistic missile: (WTF are they testing it for?)

First deploying troops, and now testing a Nuclear capable ballistic missile? Sounds ratter off, doesn't it?

Now, here we go with the Korea **** going on:

The US decides to deploy the Submarine "Jimmy Carter" to "Spy" on North Korea. The Jimmy Carter just happens to be a Nuclear submarine. (Spy my ***. Why would a NUCLEAR sub be Spying?)

Let's face reality: the world is going to !@#$%; WW3, Earth Changes (Pole Shift), Solar mayhem (2012 solar storm, GOOGLE IT).
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