Castle Defense is up.

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I just uploaded my playable demo. Try it out & lemme know what you think. Currently HP/Mana/Time is set really high. You cannot really finish. I just wanted to upload what I was currently working on. Please write feedback here. Thanks guys.


  • JGary321JGary321 Member Posts: 1,246
    Just released an update. There are now rounds. You still can't die, b/c I still have mana/hp high, but the game is broken up into rounds. Tomorrow I will be setting up the upgrade screen. I am creating it now, but I dont have the button link active til I am done. Money will also be implemented tomorrow.
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    Sounds great! I'll take a look after work! :)

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    Looking good. I think it will be very good when you're done, but you still got quite something to do before you're done =)

    I'm looking forward to see what you can make it become.

    From Freztino =)
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    Good job JGary. Since you have a pause state, I would also add for the fireball/tornado/lightning ball spells, if in pause state, then they can't be activated.
  • JGary321JGary321 Member Posts: 1,246
    Thanks guys.

    Codemonkey - That is in the works. I was tired last night & didn't get to implement it.

    Also if anyone has ideas/suggestions I am all ears.
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    Hey JGary,

    Really liked the game. It's refreshing to see something that isn't simply re-colouring some graphics on one of the templates and uploading it as 'my game' :)

    The graphics suit the game down to a tee I think. Very nice indeed!

    As for suggestions, I know you've probably got these on the 'to do' list, but here they are anyway:

    *A Title Screen
    *An 'instructions' screen
    *A Game Over screen
    *Some enemy variety

    That's about it for now! Great job though :)

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    Thanks for the feedback. That stuff is on the "todo" list. The one you will probably see soonest is the additional mob type. This is the gameplan tonight:

    Money: (it's already in, I just don't have it visible yet.)

    Blizzard Spell: Destroys all enemies + slows down enemies coming onto screen for XX time. Will turn the mob/ground blue as well.

    1 more mob: Ill try to throw this in tonight as well. Just for you Quantum =) Any particular type of mob you wanna see? I was going for a theme of evil races/possibly some undead also.

    EDIT: Actually I'll probably do those tomorrow, I finally figured out the math to how I'm going to handle HP/ATT/DEF. I'll be working on this first.
  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Member Posts: 8,188
    Sounds great JGary! :P

    Zombies are always cool - though they'd be slower I guess... ;)

    Which reminds me - what do you think about slowing the enemies down and letting them get progressively faster as you get further into the game?

    So on stage 1, you have slow moving enemies - therefore it's easy to kill them, and the player gets introduced to the game and 'gets the idea' of how to play!

    Stage 2, the enemies get slightly faster.

    Stage 3, they get faster still...

    Stage 4, they go back to their original speed, but you introduce a new enemy

    etc etc

    I think it would help balance the game a little.

    Also, while I'm here, how about highlighting what spells you can use? For example, as your mana increases, a 'glow' appears around the spells you can use. This would instantly show what's available to you.

    Anyway, enough for now - as I said earlier, it's a solid little game, which is exactly what you need! I look forward to seeing it progress, and eventually buying it on iPhone ;)

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  • JGary321JGary321 Member Posts: 1,246
    Hey Quantum thanks for the slow down suggestion. The speed the mobs are at now will not be the permanent speed. Give me your opinion. I could have them speed up based on level, but what I was thinking is the first mob will run at about a speed of 50, (right now it is 100) & then the next mob I introduce may be a little faster.

    I plan on having 1 mob that would be real fast. & then of course a Boss Mob, which would probably be Slow, but tough.

    As for the glow, that is a good idea. I plan on "greying out" the ones that haven't been unlocked yet, maybe I can do that for the ones that don't have enough mana also.
    Thanks for the idea.
  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Member Posts: 8,188
    Hey no worries.

    Greying out the ones you can't use would work just as well I reckon. The idea is to have the spells you can't use, and the ones you can, easily distinguishable from eachother.

    The nice thing about the enemy speeds is that you can experiment. Your idea of having different mobs move at different speeds is just as valid as my suggestion.

    Indeed, it may be the better option as then each mob would have a consistent speed that you associate with that particular mob!

    Anyway, good luck with it! :)

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  • JGary321JGary321 Member Posts: 1,246
    Just released an update. I got a defunct upgrade screen in place. It doesn't tell you that your skills were upgraded, but that will come. Implemented the money (although everything is free right now), the upgrade, & also my HP/ATT/DEF sys.

    Each mob gets more & more hp based on the level. So even at level 200 they are still getting stronger. Same thing for ATT. The mob will do more damage to your castle based on what round you're on. Again right now I have it set low, but you can start telling a difference after a couple levels. Also I implemented DEF for the Castle. When you upgrade your Castle it will give DEF which would reduce the damage done to you. The equation is already implemented.

    The little jewel at the bottom right is the upgrade button. I know the interface needs a lot of work, but it will get better. Anyways let me know what ya think when you get a chance.
  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Member Posts: 8,188
    Looking forward to giving this a go this weekend :)

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  • JGary321JGary321 Member Posts: 1,246
    How could a day go by without an update to Castle Defense?? What was that? It can't?? Time would stand still & all would cease to exist??? OMG, well I guess it's a good thing I have a release for you. Release notes as follows::

    *You can now go to the upgrade screen & upgrade your skills. When you click a spell it will tell you what spell is being upgraded & you can click the buy button to purchase. (Note it does not tell you the cost or how it improves the spell yet, I will do this soon. Right now you have 10k to start off so you can get some nice spells with that. Also if you spend more than you have you will just go negative, so really you have infinite money. (I don't have it checking your money yet, but again that is to come)

    *ALL Spells have INFINITE levels. That's right upgrade to your heart's content, but do remember every spell increases level increases the cost per level as well. BEWARE some spells are extremely powerful at high levels. The cost on these will be tweaked.

    *Spells that you do not have or you don't have enough MP for are now grayed out (thank's Quantum for suggestion)

    *Mobs get progressively faster throughout the levels. It is at a slow rate, but by the time you finish level 100 they will have more than doubled their speed.
    (thank's Quantum for suggestion)

    *Mobs also get more HP the further into the game you go. So they will be harder to kill. No more beating the game with level 1 Lightning. Same thing with their Attack power. They will damage your castle the further into the game you are, so you better upgrade your HP. (In the future, after certain levels of upgrading your HP, it will add a DEF modifier to the Mobs attacks. It's already calculated, I just don't have it so you have any DEF right now. The graphics will also change. It will start with one wood wall, goto 2 wood walls, then 1 stone, then 2 stone, then finally your CASTLE, hence the name Castle Defense)

    *You get more money per mob depending on how far you are into the game. Right now at level 1 you get $1 per mob. By level 100 you will be earning about $5.

    *The spawn rate for monsters starts slow, but again gets progressively faster now. By the end of the game the spawn rate will have tripled. But hopefully you have been upgrading your "Spells of Mass Destruction".

    Anyways that's all I got for you tonight. Hope everyone enjoys the game & hopefully no one minds me going over release notes. I guess it makes me feel like a true developer =p

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