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joey2ejoey2e Posts: 99Member
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Hello all

I have already started a thread for my new game MaxT (submitted to the app store yesterday)

I had a few problems uploading screenshots and a video causing a bit of a mish mash threath, so though to start again:

Sorry for the glare and poor video quality but here goes anyway:


  • magic101himagic101hi Posts: 713Member
    how many levels are there?
  • joey2ejoey2e Posts: 99Member
    Only 10 for release Magic, am gonna work on more levels for an update soon.
  • magic101himagic101hi Posts: 713Member
    The first release is the one of the biggest sales you are going to get with my game i only had 20 levels and it was a big flop!(after 1 month I had only gotten 25 downloads!) i resubmitted it under a new name with 120 levels and the sales have been steady at about 25 a day!


    EDIT: the app has always been $0.99
  • joey2ejoey2e Posts: 99Member
    That was something I had given thought to, wasnt sure how many I should go for so just thought to start with 10, may have to start working on a few more ASAP in that case.
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