Let's try again! Dispersio Alone!

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Yes Dispersio Start wasn't really good (however with Restart the first chapter will be so far better).

Which are the news?
- First of all there won't be any delay for the english version!
- The iPhone (retina display resolution) and the iPad (no 2x this time) will be released togeder and with the same price.
- More interaction (something like Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for Wii) and maybe some puzzle.
- Bought a Bamboo Pen&Touch. Our previous graphic tablet was a BambooPen.
- We decide to put some soundtrack inside of the game and not only sound effect.
- The choices won't look like choices. There won't be a “Choose the Right Path” or “Choose the Left Path” button, yes you'll choose the path but we have found some “fluid” way to do it.
- Another interesting news is the "random": sometime you'll reach an “interaction moment”, a minigame, we have done different variant of the same “interaction moment”, a “getRandom” will choose the minigame for you.
- The game will look more, more professional than before.

Here the download link


This is the lite and it's free!
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