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Help.. my behaviours and rules have disappeared

RushDawgRushDawg Posts: 86Member
edited November -1 in Working with GS (Mac)
Hey guys,

I made a behaviour for my main actor to move up. When I open the actor up to look at its behaviours / attributes, I can't see the rules I've just created.

That said, when I test the game in "Preview" mode, the behaviours I made still work!

Any idea why I can't see the behaviours?




  • ScootsScoots Posts: 507Member
    When you open the actor up are you opening them up in the scene itself or in the actors area? You can have 2 rules for an actor the "prototype" rule that is made in the actors section or if you need to make changes you can make them on the actor in the scene by clicking on the actor in the scene. Make sure you save your project and then check those areas out.

    If you unlocked the "padlock" you are editing the actor directly in the scene and not the overall prototype one.
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