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For my game, I will be using a triangle grouping and each triangle will not be only one color but three different colors alternating via an animation graphic.

How do I set it up to have the game recognize when some colors match?


  • ValanValan Member Posts: 405
    Try to set the values in the Color property to change colors. This can be tested quickly and uses less memory.
  • gilamonstergilamonster Member Posts: 31
    thanks valan ~

    Is is possible to do it with an image I have made? where the colors are set in the image? I was planning on making an animated image with the colors alternating and then when the colors match have a touch rule or attribute for something to happen.
    I hope i make sense, I am new to this.
  • ValanValan Member Posts: 405
    If your image is greyscale you can still use it and alter the colours in GS to make them animated. You can use the interpolated or a Timer with Change Attribute behavior inside.

    You can then make a Rule something like

    Attribute = 1

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