Space Boy Bink - Released for iPhone

CaramelTigerClanCaramelTigerClan Member Posts: 143
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Come celebrate with us the release of our very first title for the iPhone, Space Boy Bink, now available at the app store.

Please, take the time to review our game and leave feedback. We thank each and every one of you, and hope you enjoy our new game title.

Come visit us at our website:

thank you


  • ZackGSZackGS Member Posts: 313
    Looks nice :) Congrats on releasing your first game mate :)

    I bought your game, I will leave a nice review for you, it's a really well put together game
  • juzcookjuzcook Member Posts: 259
    this looks great man! very nice art! ill grab myself a copy tomorrow :)
  • jessicaleahyjessicaleahy Member Posts: 144
    This looks awesome. I would love to play this.
  • Member, PRO Posts: 895
    Great job
  • jessicaleahyjessicaleahy Member Posts: 144
    How are the sales doing?:)
  • juzcookjuzcook Member Posts: 259
    bought it and left a copy on the aus store. nice work! :)
  • CaramelTigerClanCaramelTigerClan Member Posts: 143
    Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback. This being our first game we weren't sure how it would be received. So far, sales have been decent. A lot of our time has now been focused on getting the word out about Space Boy Bink. Who knew marketing could be a job all in it self, lol
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