Game making, isn't as easy as it looks

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Hello everyone,

It's funny, when we started this projected I thought to myself this is going to be a piece of cake. Haha, how wrong I was, lol. My team and I went into our project clueless, not one of us had any gaming development experience between us. We were only armed with some ideas and a desire to create a iPhone gaming App. Soon I found out, this walk in the park I thought was gaming development soon turned out to be a cross country marathon run.

After this experience Ive come to realize that creating and developing a game is a work of art. And my respect level for each and every game developer has grown tremendously. The amount of time, energy and effort required to develop a game is incredible.

After some time my team and I was able to finish our first project, Spaceboy Bink. My God, how many times I wanted to give up on Bink out of sheer frustration. But, we keep at it, and at it. So this is what we were able to develop.

So for all you aspiring indy game developers keep up the good work, and know that all your hard work will payoff in the end


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