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The last several months have been a rather volatile time for us developers, seeing a lot of changes, from Section 3.3.1 and the limbo of middleware, to the changing of the guard and models at Gendai Games/GameSalad, the explosion of Corona, the inevitable loss of Torque, and all the new engines planning to crop up in the future.

That being said, for those who happily paid the $99 to join the new Pro program and/or for others who paid up to $175 to switch to Corona, it would be in your best interest to put a scheduled reminder on your calendar when you're up for renewal.

Better yet, start putting money aside every month, so you're not going to scramble the month before to come up with $499 for GameSalad Pro, $349 for Corona Game Edition, and/or $99 for the iPhone Developer Program, especially if you've started all of these subscriptions around the same time.

As I stated before, while the AppStore is growing rather exponentially, it's also evolving just as quickly - we're likely to see in-app subscriptions to accompany in-app purchases, more freemium and other experimental publishing models, more unique and/or outrageous viral and social networking tactics for marketing, and most importantly, more evolved or unique games that will want to stand out above the rest of the crowded space and more demanding customers who will want to see those types of games.

Put your thinking caps on, put your game face on, dedicate your resources (time and money) appropriately and systematically, so we can all come out on top, smiling with fuller pockets a year from now.

I've been out of the limelight over the past few weeks as I was going through some personal issues as well as being without a portable development setup. Now, I've got my new 11.6" MacBook Air, and all the game engines, audio/video/photo editing software, and Xcode is all nicely set up and ready to go, and I'm ready to resume my development.

I was holding off on paying the upgrade to Pro, but I think I'm ready now... question is, is GameSalad ready for us?
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