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cocos2d, anyone ever tried?

expired_012expired_012 Posts: 1,802Member
Huge success games such as trainyard, super blast, and stick stunt biker were made using cocos2d. Has anyone ever tried using it, and how difficult is it to use?


  • kadinshinokadinshino Posts: 82Member
    iv played with it for abit before i went to game salad. i really do love it alot but its much more code intensive. so if you know xcode then i recommend it :D if not then stay with GS
  • expired_012expired_012 Posts: 1,802Member
    Im playing around with it right now, and first Impression is that it's extremely powerful
  • JohnPapiomitisJohnPapiomitis Posts: 6,256Member
    Its really good. Look at chipmunk too
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