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AAAAH! head implosion...That game salad feeling!

StormyStudioStormyStudio United KingdomPosts: 3,987Member
edited November -1 in Working with GS (Mac)
Right, I've been working on my 'collectable items menu' for a point and click adventure type game, I can make it work if I want tonnes of messy rules, that will be a pain each time you want to create a new collectable item.

The bit I'm stuck on (and this may partly be to 2 solid nights working on it, approaching it wrong, or lack of sleep)

Also GS is getting so slow at opening up an actor even after rebooting GS... which eats at you each time you preview and then want to go back in.

I have five keys,

I want it so when a key is selected, it appears in the menu, and if you select another key it will appear in the menu in the next slot. I'm trying not to make any scene actors, only prototypes, for ease of use in other scenes.

So nearly there, except Aggghh!!! change one thing, something else screws up....

I was going to try and explain what I'm doing and get help, but I dont even know what I'm doing any more....I'll give it 10 more minutes then its definitely time for bed.


  • StormyStudioStormyStudio United KingdomPosts: 3,987Member

    9 minutes later

    Literally after what must total 8 hours work and mind swelling attribute confusion, I take one rule, that seems to make so much sense where it is, I move it out on its own. And the whole thing works perfectly. (except I've only set it up for 3 keys not 5).

    So should now only have to add about 3 behaviours, and 2 attributes, each time you want to add a new collectable item... (He says preying to god, it works again after I finish writing here...)... Oh 'm still annoyed at how long it takes to reopen the rues applied to one of menu slots....

  • GamersRejoiceGamersRejoice Posts: 817Member
    *Bright colored puzzle pieces and storm trooper bits start raining from the sky*

    It looks like Stormystudio's head has officially exploded.
  • StormyStudioStormyStudio United KingdomPosts: 3,987Member
    YES IN DEEDY.... just added a 4th key, it still works fine....

    I'll post a video once its looking prettier...

    Its as satisfying as completing the classic game 'Flash Back', (I loved that game)

    Edit: All 5 keys in and working well, now its giving me ideas, like it would be nice, if one item is used the ones to right in the menu interpolated over to the remaining free blocks. (Or maybe just leave it as is....)


    Good afternoon, good evening and good night..
  • StormyStudioStormyStudio United KingdomPosts: 3,987Member
    much calmer this evening...just tinkeringwith the menu. May start moving the demo version over to the main game.
  • magic101himagic101hi Posts: 713Member
    GamersRejoice said:
    *Bright colored puzzle pieces and storm trooper bits start raining from the sky*

    It looks like Stormystudio's head has officially <b>exploded</b>.

    actually implosion mean explode inward thus there would not be stormtrooper bits everywhere


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