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We have launched a new product and are producing some games in game salad based around the podsta brand. We want to intro the game with an animation showing the game being played on the podsta showing the benefits.

Is this direct marketing allowed by apple?

Also if there is anyone out with any marketing ideas / eg swapping some existing graphics with a podsta graphic and producing a free app that best scores win a podsta.

Maybe we swap podstas for promo codes.

The idea is both parties get some marketing / exposure.

Please not however the games must be of excellent quality.

I look forward to any feedback

Stevew attttt

The idea is we promote our product and the you guys at the same time.


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    Hi classic12, you've just posted a thread identical to this one. Duplicate threads are frowned upon by the Forum community/GS team. the best way is to post again in the same thread to bump it rather than creating an identical post. I've deleted your second (latest) identical thread.

    Good luck with your product and marketing idea.

    PS I haven't finished a game yet and only design for the iPad (for the while), otherwise I might have been interested...

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    I will be willing to work with you but I have a coulpe problems me programming an entire game for a 20$ product is not good I charge my clients 400$(or £200) if you want to work togeather than great if you just want to show one of my games great I will send you one!


    email: magic101hi(@)
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