Canadian users, READ THIS if you are not set up with apple!

xyloFUNxyloFUN Member Posts: 1,593
i bought my membership sometime in November after i've discovered gamesalad!
About two weeks ago, i was comfortable to send in my first app to apple and they eventually approved it on the first try.
Around that time, I've printed out the Canadian Tax Form and mailed it via FedEx to the Texas address which is stated on the form!
Then I waited for my app to get approved which it eventually did. How ever, that was just the beginning of my mystery with apple!!
They sat on my info for 10 days and it took ~10 phone calls today and approximately 7 hours of time wasted to make progress!
Get this!
Apple needs us Canadians to fill out he US tax form as well!!!!

I think they should all work for the secret service because they certainly don't notify you that there is still one step missing so my advise is: If something does not pass, IMMEDIATELY get on the phone and don't take no for an answer!
Most phone operators you will talk to mean well but are generally clueless. One guy requested browser info and OS info and how much RAM i have ... what does THAT have to do with my tax status?

You get the point!

I hope this helps others to save precious time!


  • HunnenkoenigHunnenkoenig Member Posts: 1,173
    Welcome to the club!

    It took me 3 months to register with Apple from Hungary.

    Among other problems, mainly because I had to FAX(!) my credit card info, but there is only one fax number for the whole world and it didn't work for 3 or 4 weeks and you can't send it per email or mail.
  • SnowSnow Member Posts: 124
    Thanks for that. I happen to be Canadian as well. I have no idea why we'd have to fill out the US tax form. We don't pay US taxes. Duties, I can understand, but I thought that anything like that would be explicitly outlined. Many Canadian devs are making lots of money through the app store, you'd think after 3 years that any cross border rules, taxation, etc would all be documented and clearly outlined. Bleh.
  • xyloFUNxyloFUN Member Posts: 1,593
    Hey neighbour ;) (i grew up in the part of Austria that belonged to Hungary until 1921)

    Sorry to hear about your trouble.

    You know, when i found GS, my biggest worry was if I would be able to learn how to make apps or, if i had to pay someone a few thousand Dollars to make it for me (which would have become expensive for all 11 apps).

    Luckily, John and a few others helped me with my newbie questions and eventually, the app took on shape and forum AND, everything went so fast that I had hopes to make it into the app store before Christmas? WOW

    Then came the "runaround" ... they did a good job on that!

    Hey, would you be up for translating instructions? I would love to offer my music course in as many other languages as possible!

    Jó éjszakát (good night)
  • xyloFUNxyloFUN Member Posts: 1,593
    that took me by surprise as well. If only they emailed me with a link to guidelines or some documentation they have but my guess is that no one has an oversight of all the mess!

    So yes, the US tax form can be done on line (no need to send it via mail) and then it will still be about an hour before the status clears.
    Both of my apps are set for release tomorrow .... but the joy is gone! Now I am focusing on my Windows versions which I am planning on selling via my web page and give a few freebies away to drive traffic to the site.

    I don't know what to do with apple ... i was really excited about all of this but dealing with apple is kind of like going out on a blind date from hell! They pretend to be next gen and brag about the technology they have but once the dust settles, it's a house built on sand. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • HunnenkoenigHunnenkoenig Member Posts: 1,173
    xyloFUN, that's cool :-)

    I actually live in Austria, but I am from hungary (so we are double neighbours... to be honest I was many times in BC too, because I had a girlfriend in Kelowna :-P ... a wonderful place, where I would like to live, when I am retired) and my company is in hungary, so I had to register as a hungarian company, that's why the trouble.

    I would be glad to help you with translation into Hungarian or even into German (although you probably speak german, if you grew up in austria :-) )

    Although I have to say, the hungarian market is rather a really really small one, so I don'T know, if it makes any sense to translate your stuff into hungaroan.

    Even I gave up on it, although I always fought for translating games into hungarian. Now I can see, why nobody wants to do it :-P
  • SingleSparqSingleSparq Member Posts: 1,339
    Interesting. I did not know this so I went into connect to see the forms but the US one is set up - as in I cannot make any changes, but it seems to be using generally the same info I sent on the Canadian form. Since I did not do it, Apple must of. Think I'm good with them.
  • xyloFUNxyloFUN Member Posts: 1,593
    tshirtbooth said:
    hmm, i never had to send in the US tax stuff. Im wondering if the person you talked to knew what there talking about.

    Definitely NOT! Talking to them felt as if the regular workers are on strike and they brought in temps from the government! LOL
  • THRSTNTHRSTN Member Posts: 178
    I hope they didnt other wise TSB you might wanna talk to you tax lawyer lol.
  • BackUpAndDownBackUpAndDown Member Posts: 685
    lol Now i'm kinda scared. I'm waiting until January 1st to buy my developers licence and was hoping to release my first app soon after.

    Is there somewhere that explains the steps of becoming a developer?
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