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Spawning Issue

alexxxhpalexxxhp Posts: 161Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
How do I make the game not spawn a character if the player dies right when he it passes the level because when that happens on the next level he spawns 2 times then there are 2 characters in the game and when they die it counts towards 2 lives example : level 1 say you have 3 lives left right before you kill the enemy you die killing the enemy at the same time well on the next level you spawn right but twice because I already have your character there so the one that died before spawns now there are 2 how can I stop that


  • alexxxhpalexxxhp Posts: 161Member
    cool I will try that hey booth can I put your name in the credits as technical advisor with your permission of course
  • alexxxhpalexxxhp Posts: 161Member
    hey one more thing when the player spawns he spawns all the way to the right of the screen not to the starting point like its set but only when the next scene comes up example I pass level 1 then on level 2 the instead of spawning all the way to the left like its set on screen he starts off all the way to the right of the screen what causes that its only on the change of scene (levels) after that he spawns where it is set to spawn
  • alexxxhpalexxxhp Posts: 161Member
    any ideas about past post
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