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Ball to Wall

enigmacubedenigmacubed Posts: 35Member
edited November -1 in Announce Your Game!
Hey everyone, Im enigma^3 and this is my first game so it may seem a little ametuer but every time I add more I learn more. Right now i still need to make the endless mode and I will probably make an insane mode because the hard mode is actually kind of easy.

Here is the link:

Also, one question for the more experienced people like quantumsheep or the admin or someone like that... The question is: I tried to upload my game with "project for everyone" but that din't work so I just used the "only me" option and then it did work. But I made a mistake somewhere along the line and my game has seem to either become broken or gamesalad is just really messed up (because now you cant move on to the next level and when I click home, the music continues to play). I was going to just login and download the project but the link isn't there... is there an other way for me to the version of this game thats on the gamesalad site?????

thank you
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