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Ball to Wall

enigmacubedenigmacubed Posts: 35Member
edited November -1 in Announce Your Game!
Hello, My name is Enigma^3 and this is my first game

It may seem a little ammeter but I am still learning….

I do have one problem though, the version on my hard drive is broken and it doesn't work and I tried to make it work but I can't figure out what went wrong when I started making changes. I can't get to level 2 on the levels page anymore and when I click the home button during play the music continues to play even when Im in the home screen. So maybe I broke the game salad creator. But that wouldn't make sense because I just re-downloaded the creator and same problem occurred. When I uploaded the working version the "upload project for everyone" option didn't work when I tried to upload so i used the "you only" option and that worked. so now I can't download a working version off of the website because for some reason the link isn't there. I was wondering if there was any other way for me to get the version that is online???

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