When one door closes...

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My plans to make a 3d point-and click adventure game have been greatly hindered when I discovered the demo version of the software I was using couldn't be used for commercial purposes. But as one door closes, they say another one opens. My next project will be a physics-based puzzle game similar to fantastic contraption but with more gadgets. I hope to make a sandbox mode as well as a puzzle mode with various goals to complete. Does anyone have any ideas for tools that would be useful? I am planning on making wheels, blocks, connectors, and sliders (things that a connector could slide from side to side in a piston-like motion). Any other ideas? I hope to use any money I make off of this game towards buying a full version of the 3d software. Until then, this will be my project. Goodbye The Mystery of Space. Hello, Physics in a Box!


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    I'm sorry to hear that, but good luck with your new project. I'm hoping that once I finally get my iPad my game isn't horribly slow and awful on the device. I have quite a few constrains running (due to the lack of pixel collision detection) so I'm sticking to just building one level and the menu until I get the device and crossing my fingers for the best. If not, I have other ideas to work on. :)
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    Good luck with your game. Hope it works on the iPad.
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