Brain Ache demo dev video

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Hi Guys,

This is a demo of my new game in development Brain Ache. The game will be similar to the Professor Layton's game but without the story aspect. The game will contain easy to nightmare hard puzzles and riddles that will consist of text and graphics to explain the question. You have limited help stars and these can be awarded if you complete the question on the first attempt. I have also put a brain meter on the screen that shows your brain usage depending on how you answer the questions. When you answer incorrectly your brain starts to go to sleep a bit at a time.

The game will start with 200 puzzles and is made completely on one scene all text is a "display text" and as such the game is very small but a shed loads of rules and attributes. This leads to NO load times at all and 60FPS on all devices. The game has been made for Retna, and from start to finish will be 48hrs of development. The code is done now just need to add questions.

I hope you like and please advise of any changes that I should make.

Merry Christmas


Note this is work in progress all sounds, images and gameplay may change.


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