Attack of the Kraken - 1.1 - out now, Poodle Invasion included! :D

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Hi all, Attack of the Kraken v.1.1 is out now:

The reason I'm bringing it up is because we've done something a bit special, and I think a first for GS games (though I could be wrong).

As some of you know, I really loved Nulo's Poodle Invasion game which you can find here:

As a big fan of the game, I contacted Nulo and wondered if he wouldn't mind me using some of his graphics in Attack of the Kraken as a bonus stage.

The lovely guy said 'Yes!' and sent over some artwork and music!

Here's a sneak peak at the results below:

I think it's the first time that characters from one GS game have appeared in another! And I'm very grateful to Nulo for help making it happen!

Cheers mate!

You need to get a highscore of over 300,000 to access the secret stage (which follows on from the end stage).

Anyway, enjoy!


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