The 100% Unofficial Gamesalad Forum Live app

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Hi guys I had a idea a few weeks ago and thought I would share now to get feedback only! at this stage the possibility of a xcode native GS Forum app. I had the idea when I made my AppChogie Live app (available in the AppStore)

The App would allow you to read and post on the forum without zooming in safari. You can watch all of the GS Cookbook videos and when new vids are uploaded they will be pushed to the app automatically. I have made GS twitter feed work in the app and a feedback section.

The best part is any post can be shared to friends via email, facebook or twitter and with push notifications you will never miss anything again because the app would tell you.

I have built the app and it is ready however I have not compiled the build and would like to see if people would use such a thing? and if the GS Gods would allow me to.

So for that reason I have attached a video of the interface. Obversely the app would be provided for free.

Let me know what you think, its just something I would use so maybe others might?




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