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***1st App in New & Noteworthy on iTunes + Need some Reviews***

Ashy999auAshy999au Posts: 18Member
edited November -1 in Announce Your Game!
Hey everyone.
I was just looking on iTunes on the app store on my computer and then right there i see my app in the New & Noteworthy

My app has been out for a week now and had about over 150 downloads so far

I would love to have some people review my app for me

Here is a link for it


  • Ashy999auAshy999au Posts: 18Member
    Thanks tshirtbooth, Im working on my next new game and use the same code you gave me for the ball movement. just one thing. how do you get the player speed to move a little slower but still have the same tilt speed
  • Ashy999auAshy999au Posts: 18Member
    has anyone download my game.. Please let me know
  • gilamonstergilamonster Posts: 31Member
    Yes, cool game!! will give a review tonight. Looks good on iPad!
  • Ashy999auAshy999au Posts: 18Member
    Thanks Gilamonster

    What does it look like on iPad, Is it full screen or just a little screen
    I had no idea if it would work on iPad or not
  • gilamonstergilamonster Posts: 31Member
    starts in full screen when your app opens, what you got going for your next game. I will send my first game in, when they open back up on the 29th, how are your sales doing.
  • Ashy999auAshy999au Posts: 18Member
    Sales are going ok, had 500 downloads in the 1st 2 weeks. i have not got the next weeks stats yet, anyway i dont wanna give to much away with my next game but its going to pretty awesome. I have not work out it much for about a week now been busy on holidays
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