iValc on the app store !!!!!

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iValc one of the most addictive games for iPhone and iPod touch in which you have to guide the spacecraft on missions to different parts of space, dodging obstacles, and landing safely on base.
14 different levels at which is changing its difficulty!
1 level is endless!!
Each month we will update to a new version with 5 different new levels and even more fun!


Off from the first base and bring the ship to second base and land it safely, without going too fast so as not to blow it.
Try to spend less gasoline as possible in order to accumulate the most points and then compare it with your friends!
With easy controls and great fun levels you'll have a good time of fun guaranteed!!

itunes link : http://itunes.apple.com/app/ivalc/id411465531?mt=8#


youtube video comming soon !!


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    Some opinion for your main menu. It looks awful. Try making the start and other options actual buttons. And the type face looks terrible too. This is just my opinion but it doesnt look so good. The gameplay looks good though, so good luck with sales :)
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