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tshirtbooth publishing tutorial

solitaireesolitairee Posts: 73Member
hey I just want to ask u if when I publish my game like tshirtbooth did in his tutorial if it is directly published to apple? + Can I publish my games to the appstore using gamesalad free version?


  • solitaireesolitairee Posts: 73Member
    + what have I to do to publish app into the appstore? (except signing up on apple develop. program.)
  • beefy_clyrobeefy_clyro Posts: 5,390Member
    All you need is your apple license. GameSalad gives you a free version and paid, either version will build you what you need. Once GameSalad returns your file, you just need to compress (zip) it and submit via application loader. The only difference to the free version and paid version is that the paid version has URL linking and iAd. More features will be coming to the paid but it is what it is at the mo
  • solitaireesolitairee Posts: 73Member
    thanks a lot, that`s what I need to hear :)
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