parodies / apple plays our full games before approving?

QbAnYtOQbAnYtO Member Posts: 523
just wondering if i make references to Microsoft or android will apple care?

and for that matter, how does apple approve our apps and games? do they play it fully? cuz if so that will prolly lengthen the approval process right?


  • HunnenkoenigHunnenkoenig Member Posts: 1,173
    1. They test it as long as it needs to be. One of my apps was tested over a month.
    2. Read the guide lines. Ridiculing famous persons and such is prohibited and will get the app rejected. I think, it applies also to ridiculing Microsoft.
  • QbAnYtOQbAnYtO Member Posts: 523
    Wow. Somehow I thnk behind the scenes they are all friends :)
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