Zen! iPad Game: Balance your Body and Mind!

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Hi guys,

I want to share with you our first GameSalad game that will be on the App Store in January 2011. We are an App & Game Development Studio called DooLabs (http://www.DooLabs.com/) and we already published some apps and games on the App Store and Android Market, but we tried to use Game Salad for the first time to speed up the development of Zen! and it helped us a lot.


The game is called Zen! and it is the ultimate zen wooden board with many mazes and balls to help you balance the body and mind.


You can download the preview screenshots of the game here: http://www.doolabs.com/apps/zenballs/screenshots.zip

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http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zen-iPad-Game/122135011187623 - Click "I Like It" for news, free gadgets and free redeem code that we will give away at launch event!

http://www.twitter.com/DooLabs - Follow DooLabs for news about our games and apps


Please tell us what do you think about Zen! and feel free to give us tips!


Zen! Will help you relax, improving your concentration and awareness in the movement of hands, thanks to oriental-themed amazing graphics, calming music themes, and many different levels that require more and more quiet and concentration to complete.

On Zen! You have to move the colored balls by tilting your device as if it were a real wooden board, trying to channel them into the correct holes and avoiding the obstacles: it sounds easy but you'll need calm, concentration and awareness of the movements to succeed!


* Realistic and Relaxing Wooden Oriental-Themed Graphics

* Calming and Suggestive Music Themes

* Anti-Stress Gameplay: Try each level as many times as you want. Concentrate on the game and balance your movements to forget about the rest of things that stress you.

* Sensible, Realistic Tilt-Control to learn balance your movements

* 25 Levels with different Zen Wooden Boards and more coming on further upgrades: from simplest to hardest one.


DooLabs Media Studio
fb.com/DooLabs - twitter.com/DooLabs


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