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I am making music apps for DOS users [retro]

scorelessmusicscorelessmusic Posts: 565Member
edited November -1 in Miscellaneous
Hi guys! For those of you geeking out on virtualizations with MS-DOS and such, DosBox or even DOSpad, I'm currently actively coding stuff for it.

One of the harder things to find is a DOS piano which converts your computer keyboard into a musical instrument, and actually allows you to play chords, multiple simultaneous notes as opposed to one note at a time. To fill up that gap, I've started developing CHORDiUM for DOS.

One of the reasons why I'm doing this is to that I can rapidly test some algorithms I have in my head. Who knows? CHORDiUM for DOS might one day exhibit features that are similar to Band-In-A-Box. :)

To check it out for yourselves, and to track progress, do head over to:
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