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Submssion problem

PatronusPatronus Posts: 56Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
I get the following error when trying to submit my project:

"There was an error with your submitted Game Project Icon. Invalid or Corrupt Game Project file."

The image is a 57x57 size PNG file and I converted it to PNG with Corel and with an on-line service (to see whether that helps), both yielded the same results.

My application opens and runs fine on my computer, in GS. So from my side I can't see that anything is corrupted.

It is my first attempt so I can possibly be doing something wrong. Suggestions?


  • PatronusPatronus Posts: 56Member
    Uploading to GS. However, the umpteenth time I tried the same thing, it suddenly went through. Immediately thereafter GS went off line so I can't download the XCode project. Grrrr..... Will try later and report back!
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