A funny story...

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On my website, there's information about a Plush Gwen contest...

That's originated from the days when I was running a Guild Wars fansite. The idea was to keep the community active while waiting for Guild Wars 2. That plan failed. It was believed that the beta would have started a long time ago. It did not. The doll was supposed to be given away to the best photics.com comment author when Guild Wars 2 was released. I realize that creating an MMORPG could take a while, so I put an expiration date in the contest... 12/21/2010. I'm a bit surprised that the game wasn't released before the contest expired. Basically, the contest is over. A winner was chosen.

Here's the funny part - Carlos from Ansca Mobile had the best comment.

His post in the "GameSalad to Corona Conversions" thread was rated well.

Feeling... 9 (See below)
Format... 1 (Only had line-breaks, no special formatting.)
Helpful... 8 (See below)
Guild Wars... 0 (Not about Guild Wars)
Originality... 4 (It was cleaver for Carlos to post there, but not spectacular.)
Popularity... 10 (See below)
Readability... 5 (Average reading, nothing spectacular but nothing bad.)
Spelling... 10 (All words spelled correctly.)
Timely... 10 (First post within 24 hours of a new post)
Friendly... 8 (Carlos seemed very helpful, even posting his email.)

When I first read that comment, I was filled with a wave of emotions - a criteria for the contest. I felt surprise. I also felt a bit of dread. I realized that I had opened a new front in the iOS software development war. Photics.com would become the center of the GameSalad Pro debate. As a result, that single post by Carlos probably changed GameSalad forever. It showed that the competitors were ready to fight. I believe it's one of the main reasons GameSalad Professional is $499 and not $1999. That's why that thread was helpful. By being helpful about Corona, GameSalad ultimately became stronger. That single post lead to, or enforced, a series of events that dramatically changed three communities.

Photics.com got more web traffic.
GameSalad got more competitive pricing.
Corona had a sale and got more visibility.

After reviewing the rules of the contest, and judging all of the comments during the time-frame of the contest, I felt that Carlos won. He's not a friend or family member. So, he's eligible. I contacted him about the prize, but I did not receive a reply. If he does not respond in 24 hours, then he forfeits the prize.
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