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Rejected App - Black Screen

ATNK1ATNK1 Posts: 5Member
I have an app in the app store (Jet Jump) and i am having a problem updating it. I have been able to test it and i submitted it to apple but it was rejected due to a black screen being displayed when the app loaded. All that was visible was the score text that was created using the text function in the creator. I have since persisted to try and update it and i have had it rejected a further 3 times. I went to test it in order to try and submit it for a 4th time in hope of it finally being accepted but it came up with the error : "The app "Jet Jump" was not installed on iPhone 3Gs because the signer is not valid" in itunes when the app was syncing to the device.

I also must add that i have an iPad version out which i have had no problems updating or testing.

Any suggestions are welcome, thanks

Shaggy Dog Apps


  • gazjmgazjm Posts: 578Member
    it sounds like the image bug has struck you in development. when creating the game did it ever crash and all images appeared to be blank?
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