what should I make as my first game?

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I just downloaded GS and want to know what I should try to do as my first game.



  • StormyStudioStormyStudio United KingdomMember Posts: 3,987
    look at one of the demos that are included within GameSalad and either try and build on one of those (you have to change all the graphics if you want to sell it on the app store). Add more levels, scoring etc etc.

    Or maybe do what I did which was make a simple sound board (Contented Baby Sleep), which plays relaxing sounds to help babies sleep, it was a great introduction to the basics of GameSalad. I also added an information page which you could scroll using arrows, and then something a bit more advanced a colour changing screen that pulsates in time witha heartbeat and changes coulour depending on where you touch.

    It taught me loads, how the rules work, how attributes work, from simple button creation, importing audio, music, scrolling, and touch X and y positions.

    I still sell a few a week on the app store :-)

    Hope that helps and good luck....
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