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andrewm2211andrewm2211 Posts: 341Member
edited November -1 in Working with GS (Mac)
I'm very new to GS and was wondering about what resolution to build my game in. What are the new specs for Iphone 4. And the ipad is 960x540 right?

Should I just build my game in 960x540, and then make different scaled versions for iphone4 and iphone3gs?



  • dmilinovichiiidmilinovichiii Posts: 620Member
    Hahaha. When I saw this forums title I thought you were referring to New Years Resolutions.
  • ScootsScoots Posts: 507Member
    iPhone 4: 960x640
    iPad: 1024x 768
  • simo103simo103 Posts: 1,331Member, PRO
    haven't done an iPad project yet but from the discussion I have seen here and my own opinion I would suggest doing a resolution independent iPhone game as your first project with 960x640 as your setting .... 72dpi.

    GS would scale down these images for the older models at 480x320.

    That would get you the largest target audience. But that depends on your ideas for the game as a larger screen might be the best target. So it depends.

    In the interest of quality though I think one needs to consider that there might be some gameplay differences between the iPad and Iphones that make a straight scale not necessarily the best practice (opinion only). For example a tilt game would be great on the iPhones but might be a pain on the iPad.
  • thedevnextdoorthedevnextdoor Posts: 78Member
    Mr.Rinoy said:
    Hahaha. When I saw this forums title I thought you were referring to New Years Resolutions.

    +1 :)
  • andrewm2211andrewm2211 Posts: 341Member
    Good point Simo, thanks.

    I see the aspect ratio's are different also, ipad being 1.33(repeating of course) and the iphone being 1.78.

    So I assume you would have to manually re work your game a little bit for the ipad. Would it then be best to at least have all your source images built for 1024x768 so you don't have to go back an upres, to make an ipad version?
  • simo103simo103 Posts: 1,331Member, PRO
    yeah I think that would be a good idea ... however I have found some images scaled down don't work so well so it might be worth trying a few out. For example I had a lock that looked great large but when I scaled it down it looked terrible and a simpler design looked better at the smaller size.

    Are you using vector images? If so that would make it easy to see how the different scales look.
  • andrewm2211andrewm2211 Posts: 341Member
    haven't even started yet, figured I should get my head wrapped around this before I begin.
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