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Heya all!

I want to smash an object with a club. To do this, I want to have a power bar like the one shown in the "Cannon Physics" tutorial. As you hold a "Smash" button, the power bar increases and the character holding the club is bringing it up in preparation to smash said object. When you release the "Smash" button, the power bar freezes at the level it was at and the club smashes down on the object. The force the object is smashed with depends on the power bar.

I've tried mimicking the power bar in the "Cannon Physics" tutorial, but I can't figure it out. I downloaded GameSalad two days ago :)

Any help would be appreciated. If there is a power bar tutorial, I would also love to see it!

Thanks guys,



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    Anyone? Did I say something inappropriate?
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    Can't help on power bar but you didn't say anything inappropriate. Just quiet tonight, New Years Eve folks may be busy. ;-)

    also check youtube Gamesalad has a channel as well as many other developers from here with lots of tutorials.

    Hang in there, someone will help
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