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Creating Artwork?

gib284gib284 Posts: 29Member
Hey everyone I just joined Game Salad well I just found out about Game Salad yesterday! I'm excited I got a few questions about it first off I'll say I dont know much about it. So can you create your own artwork and load it into Game Salad and if so what do you use? To create a character that can walk back and forth what would I need? I come from 3D game making so I've used XSI, 3D studio max, Blender, Milkshape, and a few others so can I use any of those to create art I can use with game salad? I'm a very bad artist I'm not good at drawing but I'm planning on creating a very cartoon type game anyway so do you think I can do that fairly easily? What program do all you people use to make art for your games? Also if you could post some links to some tutorials that would help me get started that would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks everyone and srry for all the questions hopefully I'll catch on quickly!


  • gib284gib284 Posts: 29Member
    Thanks allot man Those look great and I have been checking around and I just want to say thanks for all the work youve been putting out tshirtbooth Looks good!
  • gib284gib284 Posts: 29Member
    Wow the videos are just a miracle! thanks allot!!! I hope you continue to make more thnx So Much!!!
  • gib284gib284 Posts: 29Member
    Does anyone know of a tutorial that shows you how to add animations what you need to do and stuff I need a guy being able to walk back and forth sort of like zombiville. thanks
  • gib284gib284 Posts: 29Member
    Thanks allot I never thought it would be that simple I need to try that out except right now I have limited access to a mac lol so I'm just waiting it out and I'll get one for myself.
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