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Game crashes

PatronusPatronus Posts: 56Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
I am the person who chronically suffers from the EXC_BAD_ACCESS problem. My game crashes after about 20-30 seconds whether I play or not, whether actors are moving or not. After deleting attributes and rules one by one, in an attempt to isolate the problem, I think I've found it but I can do nothing about it. If I add drag to one of my actors, the game crashes. Even if it stands still it still happens (well, getting them to stand still even with drag is another story). When I remove drag, the game doesn't crash. When I add it back, it crashes. Time and again.

GS developers, is this a known problem and how do I get around it?


  • PatronusPatronus Posts: 56Member
    Hi, I am not using the viewer. It crashes on the XCode iPhone simulator and on the iPhone itself after I upload and download the project from the website. It seems to eat up tremendous amounts of memory in a short amount of time (if I interpret XCode Instruments correctly). And then it crashes. Now that I removed the drag function from this one type of actor my problem seems to have disappeared. Weird eh?

    Something else. As far as I can detect, my sprites conform to GS spec but something is still not right. They are .png and they appear correctly on GS and the iPhone simulator. I checked them with Corel and Pixen and the transparent bits are transparent, etc. However, on my iPhone, the transparent bits are not quite transparent. In other words the block around a circle is clearly visible. It only happens on the iPhone. Everywhere else they look perfect. Any idea what may cause this? Is there something about a .png file that I don't yet understand?

    Thanks for the assistance so far.
  • PatronusPatronus Posts: 56Member
    I have 0.6
  • PatronusPatronus Posts: 56Member
    Thanks buddy, I appreciate your willingness to help.
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