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actor goes invisible

TwistedMechTwistedMech Posts: 408Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support

I had so many problems with project corruption with 0.6.0 after using it for the first time today and only for a couple our hours, I moved to 0.5.0 in the hope the product may be usable to write a simple game.

Both versions of the program crash, 0.6.0 many times more and I am not doing anything other than clicking options. I am using a new macbook with Leopard and latest patches (not snow leopard). Anyway the "out of the box" problems I have converns the use of the canon demo.

when I create a new actor based on the brick, place it on screen so its in the camera view, so when you start the game, you see it. Now when I fire the canon, the new actor has collision detection about 3 inches away from the ball and the new actor is pushed off screen. Next, when you fire the canon and it moves along the screen, the new actor has turned invisible. you can tell its still there because the canon ball can hit it but why has it turned invisible? the actor is made with a png file so nothing special used. i had the same problem using a copy of the existing brick object and changing the picture.


  • TwistedMechTwistedMech Posts: 408Member
    I was hoping someone had the same problem as me.

    If anyone has a spare minute, can they try the following to see if you get the same issues.

    I have tried this on a macbook and iMac and with Leopard and Snow Leopard.

    1.Start Game Salad.
    2.Choose Cannon Physics template.
    3.Hold down Alt key and drag “Brick” to right so a duplicate is created.
    4.Rename “Brick copy” to “P2”
    5.Drag P2 on to scene and to the right side of the cannon but within the camera window.
    6.Drag another P2 actor to the right of the camera so you do not see it in the camera view.
    7.Start demo.
    8.Fire ball and see if it collides with the first brick a couple of inches to the left of the brick and pushes it out of the camera view.
    9.Now fire another ball with more power and notice that both copies of P2 are invisible. The ball will hit them but they have no image now.

    I uploaded my test project to GS and was same issue in 0.6.1 viewer. Same issue in all versions of GS/web viewer.
  • TwistedMechTwistedMech Posts: 408Member
    noticed that this invisible problem is found when you click on big preview button or view via web. if you click on the little play button, you will see camera and ball and expected actors ok.
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