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Hey everyone. I come from a background of working on 360 and PS3 games at a large company but am now investigating the indie route. You can click on my name and see two prototypes of games I am trying to make using Gamesalad. I am loving the engine so far, I would like to finish these two games and publish them to the app store this year. Please feel free to leave feedback on my prototypes.


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    Welcome to the forum!

    I played your demos - one thing I'd definitely recommend is getting an artist on board. While the ideas are interesting, the graphics aren't! Sorry! I know they're probably just place holder, but thought I'd mention it in case they weren't!

    Good luck!

    QS :D

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    Thanks for checking them out. Yeah good art is key. I have one artist friend working on Caveman Runner with me, as you can see in the title screen and the cactus he did for example, the rest pretty much stuff I came up with to get the mechanics going.
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