Finger follow and camera problem

EjjEjj Member Posts: 18
Hey, I'm trying to make a game the spans over a distance of several screens.

Here are some example pictures. The black box is the screen. The grey bars are sliders.

The sliders are supposed to always track the finger (mouse) on one axis, so if the screen went all the way to the right, so would the slider. The problem is that when the camera goes more than a camera length to the right or left, the slider doesn't continue to follow. It goes to the perimeter of the initial camera origin, but the farther out of the original camera area that camera goes, the slower the slider tracks, it works out so that the slider has completely stopped by the time the camera is one camera space over.

By the way, I don't feel like this is a double post because last time I was asking about finger tracking in general, and now I have a specific problem.

The game is for iPad, any help will be appreciated.
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