can I use free version Gamesalad in paid games ?

jasonshowjasonshow Member Posts: 71
can I use free version Gamesalad in paid games ?
what's the defferences between pro and free version in published game ?


  • VoidedSkyVoidedSky Member Posts: 1,095
    You can publish paid games with the free version. In the pro version you get iAds, URL forwarding, and direct costumer support. You need a $99 apple account for both of them also, unless if you use gamesalad accelerator.
  • simo103simo103 Member, PRO Posts: 1,331
    following up on CTM's post in case you can't find what Gamesalad accelerator is .. the Gamesalad team provide a service to publish and promote certain top quality games in exchange for unknown revenue share. I believe it is a invite only type of thing ie: you have some good games under your belt and they see you are on your next one.

    It is new and I think Tshirtbooths mini-cannon is the first so many of us are waiting to see the effect (not that I have anything for them to consider me yet but I can dream!)
  • jonmulcahyjonmulcahy Member, Sous Chef, PRO Posts: 10,386
    as CTM said, the pro edition only gives you iAds, URL Forwarding and Direct Support, but I'd be shocked if things like GameCenter, Multiplayer (when it get's here), In-App Purchasing and Video Support are not Pro only as well.
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