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Ludwig's Introduction

LumpAppsLumpApps Posts: 2,868Member
edited 11:52AM in Introductions
Hi All,
I've been here for a week now so it is time to introduce myself ;)

I'm From the Netherlands.
I'm a graphic designer. Likes: Snowboarding, dogs, music (drummer and singer in rockbands, rebuilding VW bugs (I have a Baja).
Made my first halfgame (never finished on yet) on my Commodore 64 in 1980 something. I've worked with basic in those days.
I have once build a game in QuarkImmedia (remember?). I have been working for Quark for a year as a techie for QuarkXPress ans QuarkImmedia.

I'm here because I love gamesalad. I'm finally understanding why I had math on highschool but still not good at it. It is as intuitive as QuarkImmedia was but better.

I wish all of you good luck with your games and apps!


  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Posts: 8,188Member
    A very warm welcome, Ludwig!!!

    I've missed you:

    "Something tells me Ludwig's here to stay..."

    QS :D

    Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home...

  • simo103simo103 Posts: 1,331Member, PRO
    Hey Ludwig .. welcome and good luck also!
  • xyloFUNxyloFUN Posts: 1,593Member
    Hi Ludwig,
    I am very excited that you are here (just what the Doctor ordered)!

    Q: How do you know a "drummer" is at the door?

    A: The knock is speeding up ;)
  • massalimassali Posts: 57Member
    Welcome! I'm new to the community myself.
  • SparkyidrSparkyidr Posts: 2,033Member
    xyloFUN said:
    Hi Ludwig,
    I am very excited that you are here (just what the Doctor ordered)!

    Q: How do you know a "drummer" is at the door?

    A. Because they knock 3 times, and still come in late.


    Hi to you Ludwig
  • VoidedSkyVoidedSky Posts: 1,095Member
    Welcome Ludwig!
  • patrick6987patrick6987 Posts: 66Member
    Hi and welcome Ludwig, "a commodore 64" i had a friend who had a commodore vic 20 the cheaper version around that time, regards the video that quantum sheep posted i thought "omg" i can remember that best time to of lived, born in the sixties lived through the eighties fantastic JUST A SHAME THE S--T HIT THE FAN FOR MOST OF YOU LOT NOW A DAYS
  • LumpAppsLumpApps Posts: 2,868Member
    Its been a while but thanks for the warm welcome!
    Love the video QS ;)
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