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solitaireesolitairee Member Posts: 73
Hey guys,

I just want to ask about enrolling apple dev program standart (99 dollars).

My problem is that Im from the Czech republic (central Europe) and here the only option how to pay that 99 is to download form print it fill it and than fax it to the apple(It is onlz way in my region). There is a credit card number collumn in the form, and I dont know if I have to fill it with my classic (plastic) card number or the ecard number cause there it says it need also VCC or VCC2 number to verify the payment, but this number (last 3 number on the card is usually used with the ecard.

Please help me, which of these card to use :)


  • cbtcbt Member Posts: 644
    Well, I subscribed with the same method and I used a standard visa credit card number on front (16 numbers) and the last 3 numbers on the back.

    Just make sure you are faxing it from a "safe" place. You don't want to get robbed. :)
  • solitaireesolitairee Member Posts: 73
    Yeah, thank you.
    I hope that Ill not be robbed by Apple :)

    btw. how long does it take till Apple procces the payment?
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