is there a way to demo "multi touch" when we screen capture a flick for YouTube?

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Hey gang,
many times, I do things the hard way because I don't think of asking or don't want to ask a dumb question (well, i do anyway).

I made a few instruments and in order to show what makes them unique, I need to be able to press two or more buttons at the same time.
Usually, I get my wife to play a kids song and I film her but this time, it's advanced features that can only be properly shown by someone who actually plays.

Is there a way to record a screen capture that would give me two mouse pointers? I have seen a youtube demo of someone playing multiple keys on screen so perhaps someone has made software that can do this or, I suppose I could record the left part of the screen and then the right part and fix it in post but that is a little more work than I want to do today.

thanks :)


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    I don't think there is. Normally when u make an onscreen button controlled by touch I also make an identical rule that assigns a keyboard key to operate that button that way I can test more realistically in preview mode. I think that is what you are seeing when multiple buttons are pressed in the videos.
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    YOU my friend, are a smart man!

    thank you :)

    Anyone who can guess what i am doing for the rest of the day is entitled to a promo code! While supplies last ;) LOL
  • tenrdrmertenrdrmer Member, Sous Chef, Senior Sous-Chef Posts: 9,934
    Adding key controls to all of your buttons? :)
  • xyloFUNxyloFUN Member Posts: 1,593
    You are good! How did you guess?? LOL

    Hey, on a more serious side. YOU saved my a** because the other day, I was talking with someone and I was regretful that I could not offer the same game play in the Windows versions of my apps once I release them.

    But now, I can provide a keyboard key to work the accompaniment part of each instrument which without, there is little point in porting them over to Windows.

    I am really glad you told me about that :)
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    If you plan on Mac app store apps this is also good idea to go ahead and build in when your making it. Instead of going later and get it all copied in. The only thing that sucks is when you make a change to what you want the button to do you have two rules to edit each time. It's still worth it IMO. I'll take my promo code at tenrdrmer(at) no biggie if that was joke. I don't even know what your app is. Lol
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    I will GLADLY give you promo codes for each release :)

    The thing is, I am not a gamer and I don't make games! Instead, I create musical instruments for children except this time, I got something special for the German market but there will be a free and non free version of each app.
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