How can I measure the processing and the memory usage for the iphone/ipod?

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I´d like to know if everything that gamesalad runs in terms of processing and memory usage is accepted by the iphone and ipod hardwares!

for example if I create a game with the background all animated and particle effects on it (like a rain or snow stage) would it still run on iphone and ipod hardware?

How can I measure ( if there´s a tool ) the processing and memory usage of my games?

Or even if I create a mass animated game with 30FPS on gamesalad there would be no problem to iphone/ipod to handle it?

thank you for the support!!


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    Great question, I wonder if it's just a matter of testing your game as you go, like trial & error, but it would be cool to have a tool that measures that, because I plan to add more animated effects in my game

    Beatrage: How do you plan on simulating rain in your game? This is sort of a loaded question, but just wondering how you will be doing that :)
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    Once the preview app is officially released you will be able to play it on YOUR iPhone, so you can see if running real-time. So it doesn't actually tell you the power/usage, but you will be able to at least make sure it is running smoothly.
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    Thanks for the answer!


    you can create an actor to create a particle effect and fix it on the camera layer or create a diferent camera for that specific layer(a rain background) that....when your character starts walking/running the effect still will be there ! and please put the efffect above the screen(of course) and don´t exagerate on the quantity of particles displayed....because your game could start using too much processing!
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