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stannenstannen Posts: 16Member
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Hi all! I'm a former indy cartoonist (published my own comic books), former film art director (worked on some movies) and a film school graduate. I've never worked on a game before but every important person in my life has said I should try. So I'm going to give GameSalad a shot to see what I can do. I'm going through the How-To's and video tutorials now. Looks like fun!


  • tenrdrmertenrdrmer Posts: 9,934Member, Sous Chef, Senior Sous-Chef
    Welcome to GameSalad.

    It's not my fault I never learned to take responsibility for anything. ;)

  • VoidedSkyVoidedSky Posts: 1,095Member
    Welcome! This is a great community, you'll love it!
  • AsymptoteellAsymptoteell Posts: 1,362Member
    Welcome to the forums! As cowtechman said, this is one of the best communities out there. If you have any questions, ask here on the forums.
  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Posts: 8,188Member
    I'm very much looking forward to what you come up with! Best of luck, and welcome to the forums :)

    QS :D

    Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home...

  • xyloFUNxyloFUN Posts: 1,593Member
    FINALLY someone who puts the word FUN into his first post!

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Salad Games (for green people ... or is it for those who love green? I forgot)
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