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I have a question about pricing and features

geraldjustgeraldjust Posts: 2Member
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hi! i new to this program and community but i have some questions about pricing and features.

I know that gamesalad is free, but are you able to publish games for free? ex. if i submit to gamesalid do i become just a developer and they become the publisher that puts it on the app store? if so how are the revenue split? i know its apple30% dev/pub 70% but to pub and me how is that spit?

2, if i want to publish the app under my own apple developer account, do i have to buy the "pro version" of this software sdk? if so your saying i have to buy the 499/y an the apple 99/y subscriptions?

Finaly, if i decide to make a free app and i want to test it on a device before submitting it do i have to buy the "pro" version?

sorry if these questions are erratically but im just wondering. mainly because im a college student (poor mainly lol) and have a huge interest in making apps for portable platform. im willing to learn "corona" but not to sure about their roadmap.they support both android and ios. i am willing to learn if it means its cheaper for me at the end. but i know that the learning cure for gamesalad is small and im finding a like for it. but before i invest time, can i know if i can even play these games on my devices.


  • JohnPapiomitisJohnPapiomitis Posts: 6,256Member
    1. You dont have to pay to publish anything you just need a paid ios developer account and you publish under your own apple account.

    And as long as you have your dev acount, youll be able to test on your device with the viewer. All the pro version does is give you iads and url linking. It has nothing to do with publishing
  • firemaplegamesfiremaplegames Posts: 3,206Member
    If you want to publish to the App Store, you need to pay Apple 99$/year to join the iPhone Developer Program.
    You are actually not even allowed to test anything on a device unless you are a member of the program.

    GameSalad has two pricing models: Express and Professional

    Express, which is free.

    Professional, which is 499$/year

    Professional allows to use iAds, as well as URL links. Professional also gives you access to personal customer support.

    Both versions allow you to publish to the App Store, and neither require any revenue split. You get to keep all of the money except for Apple's cut.

    The games will be published under your own developer account.

    Both versions require you to display the GameSalad splash screen.

    And you will not find a faster way to create games and apps for the App Store!
  • geraldjustgeraldjust Posts: 2Member
    great! i love gamesalads business roadmap. affordable, convenient, low learning curve. and best of all all we have to do is put gamesalads splash screen. great! i could say, for making games easy, game salad beats Corona hands down.

    thank you!
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