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Setting up Tax on apple ?

JamieOneilJamieOneil Posts: 877Member
Okay so im setting up to do paid apps, and it asks for Tax info but there is no U.K ? im from uk so what do i do ?


  • xyloFUNxyloFUN Posts: 1,593Member
    Hello Jamie,
    Getting the Tax info right is crucial as Apple will hold your apps until every i is dotted and every t is crossed.

    The good news is that GS has an amazing user base and plenty of UK members who frequent the board which means that soon, someone will come along and give you better information than I am able to.

    In the meantime, read the pdf carefully and print out the docs since they need to be mailed in via the postal service.

    Good luck :)
  • forkliftforklift Posts: 386Member
    Bump for my homies in the UK!
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